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iOS 7 ist offiziell
IOS 7 - Apple hat offiziell die nächste Generation seiner mobilen Plattform vorgestellt. Wie erwartet, war sie sehr gut sichtbar und die Verarbeitung wird in einem neuen "flat"-Design ausgeführt. Insgesamt Design hat sich zu einem minimalistischen Look.

iOS 7 is officially

Nach Angaben des Unternehmens, iOS 7 - das bedeutendste Update der iOS seit der Präsentation des ersten iPhone. OS hat eine Menge neuer Features und Erweiterungen der Oberfläche erhalten.

iOS 7 is officially
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  • Emon

    wrote:Thats true, the weird thing is when I take out my XT sim and put in my Vodafone sim, everything fixes isltef. It makes me wonder who is not following the proper standards, if there are any standards. Knowing the reputations of Apple and Telecom, the natural reaction is that Telecom is going take most of the bashing lol regardless of whose fault it is.(koruki has made 2 comments)Yes, because Vodafone are an official carrier. The problem *only occurs* when you insert a SIM card from an unofficial carrier. It has nothing to do with proper standards at all. The simple matter of fact is that when you put in a SIM card from an official carrier, the phone does different things to when you put in a SIM card from an unofficial carrier.In this case, it would appear that the things that the phone does when you have an unofficial carrier's SIM card in results in a bug appearing. As mentioned above Apple are working on the problem and one would hope the problem is fixed in 5.0.1. I don't see how Telecom should be taking any blame at all given that they have never sold the device, don't support the device, and no other devices on their network exhibit the same problem.FWIW I cannot see how this could be the fault of Telecom. The bit that isn't working is the part where the phone matches numbers to names. The carrier has no involvement in this process, not from a network level and not from a SIM card level. It is all in the phone software. The *only* way this could possibly be happening is if Apple has started relying on some weird field in the SIM card for some crucial piece of information, but I highly doubt this is the case this time around.As mentioned above, Apple are aware of the issue and they are working on a fix. That is all. Any anger towards Telecom is severely misdirected as there is so far absolutely no evidence that this has anything to do with their actions or inactions. In all likelihood Apple will fix the problem in a subsequent update without Telecom lifting a finger.(rdw11 has made 15 comments)

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